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CM86 on AO-27 *** POSTPONED ***

Both of my appointments in Santa Cruz cancelled at the last minute, so
i will be activating CM86 on AO-27 at a later date, NOT on this Thursday
as originally planned.  Alas, i cannot justify the time or expense of
4 hours of driving for 20 minutes of operation without another reason to
go down there, especially with calls from headhunters and/or potential
employers pending.  I apologize for the inconvenience and will at least
operate from CM88 on the first pass for anyone needed that grid square.

    19Feb98  18:02:38 18:09:54 18:17:09  00:14:31   23  98 171  33.4  AO-27
      Thu    19:42:25 19:49:24 19:56:24  00:13:59    0 292 224  27.7  AO-27

Times are UTC.  If requested, i will also be operate from CM88 on the 
second pass as well.
			Most regretfully,

			    -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)