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Re: Pacsat question

You check my web page, The Southeast Michigan AMSAT Net web page.
http://www.provide.net/~jsmyth is the main page and click on digital
hypertext.  Or go right to http://www.provide.net/~jsmyth/digi.html  .
There are images which were uploaded from other hams which I downloaded and
put on the page and there is also a couple images from the pacsat cameras
of the Earth.  These are some good examples of images from 9600 baud
digisats.  Also if you click on the images on the web page it will load a
larger image so you can see the quality of the uploads.  There would be no
different in the image quality from a 1200 vs. 9600 baud satellite.  The
different is in how long it takes to upload and download the image from the

Hope this helps!


Jerry N8ULU

At 02:21 PM 2/18/98 -0600, John Stone wrote:
>I would like to have a copy also ... I have the same question ... thanks
>to all...
>Springfield, MO
>Anthony Bombardiere wrote:
>> Hi all...
>> I would like to thank all the guys and gals who responded to
>> my pacsat tnc questions.
>> It seems that many ops enjoy working the 9600 birds more than
>> the slower 1200. The speed advantage is obvious and one op said
>> that activity on the 1200 bps birds is not nearly as much as the
>> faster 9600 pacsats. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to modify
>> my Kenwood TS790 for 9600 as I'm not exactly proficient at that
>> sort of operation...but it seems ashame to have a modem capable of
>> 9600 operation and not utilize it.  A few ops also said that the
>> image files from the 9600 birds are much better than that of the
>> 1200's.
>> I was wondering if there is a  WEB page where I can see for myself
>> what the diference is between the image files, etc. of the 1200
>> and 9600 birds.
>> If anyone can send a typical image file or any other file via
>> e-mail from K0-22 or any of the pacsats, I can make a comparison
>> myself. I will be purchasing a DSP modem soon, and at least I
>> can decide if I realy need the 9600 capability.
>> All the best and thanks ....de AB2CJ.
Jerry N8ULU
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