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Re: FT-847?

>At 02:58 PM 2/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>I know it is terribly early in this radio's life to ask but has any one
>bought one
>>yet, what do you think of it, and has any comparisons between it and the the
>>FT-736R been published on or off the Web?
>Yeasu showed the radio at the Miami, FL Hamfest and the Orlando HamCation.
>It looks like a very nice unit.  Those dealers that had a chance to play
>with it comment that the HF side is noce, but not for a real die hard HFer.
> No one I talked to has had it up on the satellites.  The little literture
>they had (there is no glossy yet) says full duplex VFOs.  So it looks as if
>the radio can be used for the RS satellites (mode K, A).

Interesting. Glossy brochures are available here in VK. The radio is full
duplex, and is set up correctly for satellite operation. I'll have one here
in a few days time. If interested, I could supply a little advance news...
as I understand it, as of a couple of days it had yet to clear FCC
approval, which doesn't make any difference in this country!!

73 de Chris Edmondson, VK3CE
Publisher/Editor Radio and Communications magazine