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Drake 2.4 GHz. Down Converters

Comet is expecting to receive their new shipment of the Drake downconverters
this week.  They will not bill your credit card until they ship the order.
They will accept e-mail or Fax orders by sending them the following

Shipping/mailing address
Telephone number
Credit card information

Phone number:   888-411-6637
Fax number:   303-343-0129
E-mail =  sales@comnetcorp.com
Web = www.wirelesscabletv.com/parts/comnetparts.htm

They are still selling the down converters for $25 each.  They also have
matching (different manufacturers) antennas and preamps for $25 each.  I
received the following from Shahna DeLong at Comet today:

> > > > > >
It was a pleasure speaking with you.  I gathered some information regarding
the other two products that have been working with the Drake downconverter.
Hopefully this will help.

The "package" will contain the following:

                1 Lance 21 antenna......21" long
                                                   2.5-2.7 GHz frequency
                                                   21 dBi gain

                1 Conifer pre-amp.......15 db gain

                1 Drake downconverter...you know more about this than we do
for your applications  :)

The "package" will be $75.00 plus the shipping and handling.  (Each item is
$25.00).  Should there be quite a few of you in one area and you "pool" the
monies, we will offer this complete set for $65.00 each.  However, all items
will need to be shipped to one address.
- - - - - - - - - - clip - - - - - - - - - - -

They also have 36" & 48" parabolic dishes at very low prices  I will post
the information on other UHF/Microwave equipment which they sell as I
receive it.

I am not connected with Comet in any way, except as a satisfied customer.