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FW: want GS-232 or like

Chris, I tried to email you directly but it bounced back as undeliverable.
My followup follows:

-----Original Message-----
From:	Mike Catalanotti [SMTP:mike@CastleNetworks.com]
Sent:	Tuesday, February 17, 1998 1:58 PM
To:	'pellenzc@vax.cs.hscsyr.edu'
Subject:	RE: want GS-232 or like

On Tuesday, February 17, 1998 4:13 PM, pellenzc@vax.cs.hscsyr.edu 
[SMTP:pellenzc@vax.cs.hscsyr.edu] wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have a GS-232 or similar micro-controller (in good working
> condition) for use between the G5400b rotor controller and comp. serial
> port for sale?
> Thanks
> 73
> Chris

Hi Chris,
I do not have one, but I am also looking for one.  If you get a surplus of 
replies to your email, could you forward the info onto me as well (after 
you pick one to buy, if that opportunity presents itself).  I have been 
putting off doing this interface now for almost a year and Im tired of 
manual tracking control (even thought Im *pretty * good at it now!).
73 and Thanks!
Mike Catalanotti, N1YHW
New Hampshire