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satellite gateway

Hi all, i was impressed when hearing how well N8ULU satellite gateway
worked.  I've had many qso's with folks using it. As i live out in the
country and there is no local repeater, i put my Kenwood TS790a into
"repeater mode"  and used a small yagi on the 2m side. So when AO-27 is in
the footprint... it rebroadcasts the downlink (70cm) to 2m. All anyone needs
to work the satellite is a cheap 2m. handheld radio,  programming 145.850 as
TX to uplink the bird and whatever frequency he rebroadcasts on 2m. say
146.500 for his RX, give it a try, it's fun and helps others who do not have
dualband radio capabilities.
73 de Scott VE6ITV