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DDE rotator control

Dear friends,

Many satellite tracking-only or more dedicated softwares running under
Windows have been written by some of you. They are very performant and help
a lot tuning the rig and controlling the rotator. They generally support
rotator control based on several "ham standards" (trakbox, satrak, IF100,

For those who have non standard rotator controllers a DDE option is often

I have built some years ago such a non standard controller. It is still
working fairly well with a tsr program under DOS. It is connected to a
parallel port of a PC. 

I would like to use the suggested DDE option to communicate with that
controller. Unfortunately, although I can do some programming under C++,
DDE use is not at all familiar to me. Thus, I would appreciate if some of
you have some examples of source code which implement DDE. This will help a
lot starting with my particular application.

Many thanks

Best 73 de Marc - F6BZT