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Re: Operating AO-27

To All;

I used QRZ (www.qrz.com) to get an address for BJ Arts (WT0N) and 
followed the link to his homepage.  On this page was infomation on 
one of the AO satellites.  I can't remember if it was AO-10 or AO-27.
Anyway when I went back to QRZ to get the web sight address, it 
appears that QRZ has already removed him from the database.

Maybe this is just a fluke.  Any way you may want to try it.

On 16 Feb 98 at 8:32, Gary \ <ka0yos@amsat.org> wrote:

> Priority:      Normal
> To:            "David Gordon" <dgordon@sadira.gb.nrao.edu>, amsat-bb@AMSAT.org
> From:          "Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield" <ka0yos@amsat.org>
> Subject:       Re: Operating AO-27
> Date:          Mon, 16 Feb 98 08:32:07 cst

> ----------
> >
> > Please reply to me direct, not the BBS. I have been listening
> > several times during daytime passes of AO-27 and have not heard
> > a thing. Is there anything special that I need? Also, is there
> > a web site that has the exact schedule of the passes that will
> > be in the FM, repeater mode? I found a site that was listed in
> > Satellite Times, but it was incorrect. Thanks for the help.
> >
> > -- David - KB4LCI
> > FM08
> > dgordon@nrao.edu
> >
> Please send to Amsat BB as well many of us are in the same boat.
> Thanks and 73,
> Joe
Chuck Gooden
Rockford, Illinois