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FTPmail access available

Some of you may have access to email but not to FTP.  If you get
your mail through Juno and don't have any other Internet account,
that's you.  You may have been frustrated by announcements of
materials available for FTP that you'd like to get.  Now there's a
way for you to get files from ftp.amsat.org by email.

The service is called FTPmail, and you use it by sending specially
formatted email messages to "ftpmail@amsat.org".  To get started,
send a message containing just these lines in the body of the

It doesn't matter what the subject of the message is.  The server
just reads the body.  The "quit" command is important if your
mail program (or mail provider) appends a signature to your
outgoing messages.  The server will respond right away by
emailing a help file back to you.  This file will tell you how
to use the service to get files from the FTP archives.

No human will read your message, so stick to the format.
Transfers are logged for statistics and debugging.  If you have
trouble with the service and need human assistance, send mail
to ftpmail-manager@amsat.org.

This server will only get files from ftp.amsat.org, not from any
other FTP site on the net.  We don't have the resources to provide
FTPmail to every user on the net for every purpose.  The list of
available sites may be expanded in the future to include other
amateur radio FTP sites.  Another possible future enhancement
would be to add the capability of retrieving Web pages from

For now, consider this service an experiment.  If it turns out to be
more trouble than it's worth, it may be discontinued.  I don't expect
to have to do that, but it's possible.

If you need email access to files, please give this service a try
and let me know what you think.  As always, suggestions for
improvement are welcome.

73  -Paul