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Different Instant Track & Win95 Problem

Hi all,
I have a problem running Instant Track under Windows 95 too.  Like the problem
we've heard so much about, it manifests itself as a display problem on the map
pages. Unlike the previous problems, mine puts streaks across the entire
display when toggling between windows applications (including screen saver)
and Instant Track.  I can temporarily remedy it by toggling into help and back
(?Q), but this gets tedious.  When running IT, the mouse is also erratic and
sometimes unresponsive in the windows applications running concurrently with

The itpatch4 documentation clearly states that the maps are unaffected in the
problem fixed by itpatch4, leading me to believe that this problem is not the
itpatch4 problem.  Further reading also states that it's due to unsupported
text fonts which should not affect the maps themselves, which mine does.  The
characters on my program are usually fine, eliminating unsupported drivers
(itpatch4) as the problem.

Quoting from "itpatch4.doc":
"The symptom appears on the graphics displays: the maps look fine, but
the characters are all jumbled up. .../snip/...  This patch is NOT NEEDED and
NOT RECOMMENDED if you don't have the problem of corrupted text on the
graphics map displays."

So, at the risk of boring everyone with another IT/Win95 problem, does anyone
have any ideas about this problem?  Is anyone else experiencing this too?  

Thanks and 73,
John, KJ6HZ