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Hi AMSAT friends

After a week out of qth, only today I got the sad news.
Despite I never meet BJ (not even on the radio) I had a 
deeply admiration for him. We exchange several emails,
and among them, he told me this (dated 08 Sept.1997):

> My health is getting better, but I'm afraid that the doctors will have to
> amputate part of my left leg within a year. But no problem, I have been
> expecting this for a few years now. God has been kind to me and has let me
> use this suffering to help other.                         

His last sentence show much of what he was!
Even with his limitations, he found a way to help others!
Now, without pain's, wherever he is, I'm sure he has
find another way to keep helping anybody who need him!
He was realy a great guy, and I will miss him.
My sincere condolences to his family.

F.Costa, CT1EAT