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Radios for 9k6

This isn't exactly satellite-related, but there's lots of overlap in
expertise and people (and no obvious tapr list) so I thought I'd ask here.

I'm helping another ham (who manages a local pbbs stack for a large club)
in his install/upgrade of 9600 equipment.  He's looking for radios that
are out-of-the-box ready for 9600 use on 440 MHz.

He hasn't been able to locate any monobanders and is reluctantly looking
at dual band rigs that advertise 9k6 ready.  His concern is to not spend a
great deal of money on the rf, he'd like to avoid anything requiring
extensive mods in case someone else has to take over this assignment in
the future.

So does anyone have good/bad experiences with "9600-ready" radios in
terestrial packet, esp. as a "gotta connect to anything" node use?  Tarket
TNC/Modem is the Kantronics 9612.

As a starting point, he's had poor success (dunno why) with a Kantronics
Data Radio and Data Engine combo, so-so with a TEK crystal-controlled
unit.  My Icom 821 was great, but that's way overkill and overbudget.  My
Standard dual-bander (an early 9600-ready rig) was so-so and is also over
his budget.  Some locals have had great success with modified Motorola
rigs; he's trying to avoid extensive rig mods.

And yes, I believe he has looked at tapr.org.  

He's looking for real-world experiences. 

Obligatory Satellite Comment:  My (limited) experience has been getting
the transmitted waveform correct is more difficult and critical than
receive.  So a good TNC/modem/radio for terrestrial fixed-freq use should
also perform well for satellite uplink (of course, the bands in use may be
different).  Comments on this part as well?

73 & Thanks!

Steve  KA1LM@amsat.org