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Need CM86?

I'm tentatively planning to activate CM86 next Thursday on AO-27.  It's
part of Santa Cruz, plus a tiny town called Davenport, and an awful lot 
of ocean.  Here are my predictions in UTC:

	    AOS      MEL     LOS*    Duration	           Max El.
19Feb98  18:02:37 18:09:53 18:17:09  00:14:31   23  98 171  33.4  SFBay
  Thu	 19:42:24 19:49:24 19:56:23  00:13:59    0 292 224  27.7  SFBay

  * TEPR shutoff is currently about 10 minutes after nominal AOS for me

Regulars west of the Divide (especially those i worked last time i was
in CM86), please wait for the second pass, out of consideration for those
who can't work the other pass.  E-mail would be appreciated if i haven't
worked you recently, so i'll readily recognize your callsign and allow
more time for others.  
			  -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)

P.S.  Newcomers to AO-27, please make sure you can copy callsigns before
transmitting; there's always *someone* on for North American passes.