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Re: JUNO trailer on msgs

Gary I ran across your message on a computer here at work but my home
system is set to delete any messages with JUNO in the address, subject,
or body of the message, and there are lots and lots of people out there
doing the same thing since JUNO is the source of a large percentage of
bulk e-mail SPEW. If I was you I would get another provider, there are
many ISP's that filter out Juno from their entire systems also, so many
people never even get Juno posts. 

Gary L. Memory wrote:
> In reality, this "JUNO trailer" is*most likely* the result of stuffing in
> the signature
> file in the particular users own computer.  When the E-Mail software was
> loaded,
> a signature file was likely (as is common) filled with an ad.  The user
> needs to
> take the responsibility to edit/change their own sig file cause nobody else
> is gonna do it for em.
> Cheers!
> Gary Memory, F/N7BRJ
> 101365.1113@compuserve.com

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