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Re: JUNO trailer on msgs

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:49:49 EST w2zby@juno.com (Stephen E McCallum)
>K0BLT: Hello Frank and other JUNO-ites--Do you know that a >copy of a
>JUNO promo was attached at the end of your message? >(See below) I
>discovered the same pomo is attached to my >messages. I complained to the
>president of JUNO about it but of >course got only their automated
>answering file. Am also marking >him for a copy of this message. Am also
>sending this, to the bb, >another ham net and some JUNO members I know.
>Maybe if a lot >of us complain about it, they'll stop it.  73 
>Steve W2ZBY

The three line trailer on the bottom of messages originating from
Juno mail does not bother me nearly as much as the people who 
send huge HTML and MIME attachments to the entire mailing list.
This stuff is fine for 1 to 1 E-mail to your friends when you 
know that they can decode the message, but there are STILL a lot
of people on Amsat-bb using shell accounts and other mail systems
for whom the attachments are merely a lot of gibberish. Please
have some consideration for them, and post only messages that
everybody on the BB can read.

Dan Schultz, N8FGV

Rule #1 in Washington: Assume that everybody you talk to is 
wearing a wire.