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Re: JUNO trailer on msgs

On Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:49:49 EST w2zby@juno.com (Stephen E McCallum)
>K0BLT: Hello Frank and other JUNO-ites--Do you know that a >copy of a
JUNO promo was attached at the end of your message? >(See below) I
discovered the same pomo is attached to my >messages. I complained to the
president of JUNO about it but of >course got only their automated
answering file. Am also marking >him for a copy of this message. Am also
sending this, to the bb, >another ham net and some JUNO members I know.
Maybe if a lot >of us complain about it, they'll stop it.  73 
>Steve W2ZBY
What the !@#$% you expect for free?
Are you paying big bucks for your JUNO service? I don't think so! IT'S
FREE!!!! Quite frankly the trailers don't bother me. My message gets to
who I want it to and it does it at no cost. That's all that matters. You
want PERFECT e-mail service w/o the adds and trailers? Go get an ISP and
pay for it!

David Leeper

P.S. Notice my copy going to the president as well. For every complaint
thy get about JUNO they probably get two praising it!

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