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PSK modems??

Hi all:

I have a question about the Pacomm PSK-1 modem. I'm told that
this modem is a decode only unit, and must be used in combination
with a standard TNC.  I understand that LU-19, WO-18 and ao-16 all
receive standard packet signals and transmit in BPSK. That explains
the two modem combination.  I have a Baycom tnc, and wondered if
this modem could work in combination with the PSK-1. 

 I was also wondering if one can  receive messages and files
from these birds with the PSK-1 without uplinking to the satellites??
In other words, are the files "broadcasted" or does one need
to send commands in order to receive the files??

 Since I cant afford the $500.00+ for a full blown sat modem, 
I can at least find a used PSK-1 to receive image files from
WO-18 and other data from the various pacsats. 

Any suggestions??

Thanks , AB2CJ