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10 GHz help needed


I received a call today from Professor John Kraus, W8JK. John is hard at
work on the 5th edition of his famous textbook, Electromagnetics.

He is adding material on suggested laboratory experiments. They are
designed to be not too difficult but at the same time somewhat open-ended
so that the student can use his/her own ideas and the materials at hand,
i.e. not just the usual undergraduate cookbook lab exercises.

Now here is where I hope one of our AMSAT members can be of help.

He has a 2 page writeup of a suggested experiment which involves the
construction of a 10 GHz oscillator (microstrip) and a small horn antenna.
He would like someone who has some 10 GHz experience and test equipment to
build a model to test the description as presented. He suggests an
oscillator using a MESFET transistor although I am sure that he is open to
suggestions. Easy parts availability would be important. 

I am about to leave on vacation so can not do more at present. If you can
help I suggest corresponding directly (kraus.2@osu.edu). Dr. Kraus can fax
his writeup and I am going to send a copy of this message to him, so he
will be ready to talk via email. Just say you saw the message on the
Amateur Satellite bulletin board. If a number of people are interested
(especially some from outside the USA) maybe someone can receive the faxed
writeup and scan it onto an available web page for easy access by others. 

Just a final personal note since this is going to many younger folks who
may not know that Professor Kraus is a giant in the field of
electromagnetics, antennas, and radio astronomy and a longtime radio
amateur. He is the inventor of the helical antenna, the corner reflector
and the W8JK flat-top hf beam, for example, and has held the W8JK call
since his teenage years. He has done original work in electromagnetics and
radio astronomy for a lifetime that exceeds our dreams. If you get to talk
to him by telephone, you will sense an enthusiasm that belies his years
(now 87). There is a web page for the new book. http://www.elmag5.com

Thanks for your help. ron long.