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K0BUD said:
>> I am saddened to inform you of the passing of one great person we will
>> miss:

>> BJ Arts, WT0N, passed away yesterday at his home in Hibbing, Mn.  His
>> came as a great surprise as he was coming along since the removal of
part of
>> his remaining leg just fine. They dont, as of this writing, know what
>> his death.
>> I cannot remember a more optimistic person who never seemed concerned
>> himself and was as giving and compassionate as BJ.   I know you will
all miss
>> him almost as we would a close relative.   I have no knowledge of any
>> plans as of now but I am sure they will be in Hibbing.

>> 73
>> Mike
>> K0BUD


W0SXU said:

> Dear Mike and all:

> I was shocked to hear this morning that my old pal BJ passed away.

> BJ was and is a free spirit, a bright candle in a dark world!  We are
> all much poorer for his passing.  I am sure that the Lord has his arms
> around BJ and is welcoming him to a better place.

> There but for the grace of God goes all of us so lets just be a little
> more patient and kind to everyone we meet!

> 73 to BJ, I am going to miss you my dear friend!!

> In mourning,

> Patrick Durgin


"Life is like a car, it can only run on one thing; 
   life can only run on happiness, and it must
   not stall on depression. 

 So go as fast as you please,
   for there are no speed limits in a world of smiles."

BJ broke all the speed limits!

73, de Hans, K0HB

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