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WISP32 vs WISP16 Station Position

I finally got with it and downloaded the files last week for WISP32.  I 
got everything going and found that the satellites are where they should 
be but I am not.  I even put my city, Fort Lauderdale, in and it isn't 
where it should be.  I have the luxury of doing a compare from one 
version to another with two computers side by side, and the older version 
seems to put me where I am with respect to the satellites correctly, the 
new one doesn't.  

I put my lat/lon N/W correctly, but to double check I put my city in.  
They don't match at all, and neither matches the older version of WISP.  
I do have my 'set tz=est5edt' in autoexec.bat, and it shows up when I hit 
'set'.  This has worked with my older WISP too so shouldn't be a problem.

What am I doing wrong?  Thanks,

John W. Wilson, KN4HX