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Re: SNOE Satellite

At 07:41 PM 2/7/98 -0700, Mark wrote:
>Was looking at the Web pages for the SNOE student satellite that is
schuduled to be launched >on the 20th of this month and noticed that its
up/downlink is in the S-band.  But they gave no >specific frequency.  Was
wondering if anyone might know what it would be?  Looks like >another source
for testing/recieving S-band signals.
>Page was http://lasp.colorado.edu/snoe
>Tnx, Mark, KE7NS

Hello Mark and the list.

In a recent email from a Satellite Times magazine staffer the S-band
telemetry downlink for SNOE will reportedly operate on 2272.900 MHz. Good
hunting ...

73 de N5FPW

Larry Van Horn
Managing Editor
Satellite Times magazine
aka The Satellite Sleuth

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