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Re: Path loss and signal calc...

> >  How can one relate this mesurment with  signal strengths
> > that are expressed in dbm or decibles as they relate to microvolts?
> > That is, how does a signal that is said to be -140dbm relate to
> > the measument of .2uv at (10db s+n/n)
> The .2 uv is into a 50 ohm load.  Solve for power and then 10 times
> the log of the power is the dbm.  The answer is -151 dbm. (I think).
> Remember this is for a certain bandwidth, narrow the bandwidth and
> the figure gets better. 

Oops, more like -120 dbm, -150 would be decibels below one watt or

Mike, KB8YHV/KH2