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Drake 2880 Downconverter

Thanks to all for reading. I finally broke down and purchased one of the
Drake 2880 units for my mode s station. I have collected as many msgs
from the Amsat-bb as I can but still have a couple of questions. I
remember reading a msg but failed to save it on the xtals to use. I know
the  frequency to use in order to get the converter to operate with the
144mhz if. What Im looking for is the correct xtal to use in order to get
the readout on my Yaesu FT736R to somewhat jive with the operating freq
of the converter.
All the Qst artical shows is the formula to figure it out, but arent we
still going to be off somewhat with every rig we try????    Well in
closing I'll see if any answers to my questions come about and get the
xtal ordered soon..........73 and cu on mode S.

Dennis W. McKinney
2019 S. Winona Ct.
Denver, Co.  80219

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