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Re: Mode A: wanted?

I would like to put in my two cents for mode A.

It was my first satellite love.  I worked all states on mode A and loved it.
The orbit does not need to be that high.  Remember how active RS 10 passes
were on the weekends?  The lower orbit translates to stronger signals.  The
true beauty of the low orbit mode A is the short lived pass.  With family and
other responsibilities spending large amounts of time operating is out of the
question, but who can't steal 20 minutes to go work a pass.  I have / am
building a P3D station that I will be proud of, but some of that stuff is too
easy and lacks the magic and mystique of the low orbit mode A contact.

My feelings towards mode A are kind of like those expressed by HF QRP
enthusiasts.  Simple can be good!

Joe ka0yos