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Re: Mode A: wanted?

Hi all!

I think that a mode A transponder is a good starting idea, but a problem
arise immediately: we have little space in the 2m band to be shared 
between various satellites (including MIR and next ISS).
I suggest an evolution of mode A, for example a mode "AU", with input on
70cm and output on 10m.    Why not?
The 10m band is under-used from space, and the UHF is more suitable
for most country; with this combination will be possible cross-link
operation between satellites (ISS for example, with mode J).
For telemetry, I have found very useful and friendly the MICROSAT style,
BPSK at low data rate (and work ok on 10meter).
I have experienced a BPSK beacon with telemetry and user data, as for
microsat, with an analog, conventional transponder (see AMSAT-Journal
with the AMSAT-Italy educational transponder description).
In this manner digital and analog enthusiast will be happy.

Orbital height is'nt a problem, the goal is to work with the satellite!

73 de Paolo, iw3qbn 
[AMSAT Italy]