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Sedsat elements - was RE: Mode A on SEDSAT 1

Kevin Muenzler <wb5rue%stic.net@oscsystems.com> said:

>Where can I get Keps for SEDSAT 1?  I checked their website and no
>Kevin, WB5RUE wb5rue@stic.net

For the next couple of months Sedsat's elements would be accurately
categorized as Huntsville Alabama - altitude zero, relative motion to the
Earth zero.  Excluting testing and shipping to Florida.
(I've always wanted to generate 'fake' keps for a satellite on the ground.
But this would only work for a location on the equator).

Relax - SedSat is (finally!) scheduled for launch this summer.  It's flying
as a secondary payload on the launch of the first "New Millenium" mission.
Everybody's looking forward to SedSat entering operation.

Philip Chien, KC4YER
Earth News
world (in)famous writer, science fiction fan, ham radio operator,
all-around nice guy, etc.