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RS Antennae

Actually, I think insects have antennae (ok, so that wasn't funny...).

What would the general consensus of RS ops be (for mode A) at the idea 
of using a dipole for 2 ? I know about the Lindenblad, verticals and 
the like, but have not found any commentary on the good old 1/2 wave 
as far as what would happen at a VHF frequency when the bird was 
low...  and overhead ?

I use a dipole on the downlink which works fine here from the horizon 
to and through the end of the pass. My first QSO was with my 3el 6m 
beam (yes, it actually is resonant !) into Nebraska, with a 55 report 
at 20 watts. I wonder if the dipole would afford an improvement, as my 
monitoring of RS-12 over the years convinced me of the overhead fades 
experienced with verticals. 73 Matt WV1K FN41xr