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Re: Mode A: wanted?

Among other things, Ray Soifer wrote:

> When evaluating the responses you will be receiving, I believe it would
> be well to bear in mind that, to the best of my knowledge at any rate,
> a majority of existing Mode A users are not on the Internet, or at
> least are not registered with <amsat.org> and hence have no
> access to <amsat-bb>..

> rest deleted for brevity <

Last October, Paul Williamson, KB5MU reported at the last AMSAT Board of
Directors meeting that there were approximately 2,400 ANS suscribers,
4,300 Keplerian Element subscribers, and 1,600 AMSAT-BB subscribers.

Presently AMSAT-NA membership is in the +6,000 range.  Also note that
one does not have to be an AMSAT member to subscribe to AMSAT-BB.  My
guess is that AMSAT-BB represents about 15 percent of the membership. 
Inasmuch we should all be careful on not only what is debated but how it
is debated and "decided" via AMSAT-BB.


Russ Tillman, KC5JVB