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Re: Mode A Bird

>Additionally if we were to make this the beginners bird, then would it
>be possible to make a telemetry only beacon on 2m in FM, and make the
>format the same as UoSAT-2. There are a lot of UoSAT-2 decoders out
>there, and failing that they are real easy to build for the newcomer.

There are a _lot_ more TNCs out there than UoSAT-2 decoders.  Since it is
1200 bit/sec AFSK anyway, why not make the downlink _also_ support standard

I remember when DOVE was launched and I visited some Hams overseas who had
never listened to any satellites at all.  They were very excited to use
their standard 2-meter packet radio , channel to 145.825, and copy a few
telemetry frames.

No, I am not proposing yet another pacsat, just a standard telemetry
format.  I bet more "beginners" can accurately translate 2m packet than can
copy, say, CW or even 1200 bit/sec ASCII.  It woudl be trivial to support
both "modes" of telemtry.  And if the signals aren't too good, you can
always put the TNC in "passall" mode so you can look at corrupted telemetry
frames :-)

My 5 cents worth...