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I am new to working RS-12/13 as a matter of fact I made my very first
contact this past Monday.
And was thrilled that i got in . 

First I would like to apologise to anyone I might have caused any problem
to on Sunday
when I first attempted to make contact. As I now know I used entirly to
much power trying to get up there
and maybe caused some havoc. 

I have learned in the course of one day what is needed and when . Won't do
it again. I am very sorry.

Now onto other things. 

My setup is a Yeasu 726  into an AR270 verticle about 15 feet off the
ground for my uplink and an  R7 
3 foot off the ground for my downlink. I am now running btween 20 and 25
watts up and last night from
what I am told by AB2CJ   I have also been told my downlink signal is 5/9
both nights 

It seems to me my Sat station is working well when the Bird is approaching
. I pick it up about 5 degrees off the horizon and am in good shape until
it hits it's highest elevation and then loose it when it is coming back

I have a teo meter yagi I plan to put up in the next few weeks and see the
difference in operation

The morale of this story is Verticles do work . Maybe not as good as some
of the big guns but 
you can make solid contatcs.

sorry to take up your time but had to send this out 

73 fer nw.
de kb2qle fn30jv  long island n.y.