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Phase 3D

I have a quick question.
I am relatively new to satellites and have been on the air off and on 
for about 1 year now. The highlight of operating satellite and 
frankly DX'ing in general is working Heard Island (VK0IR) on SSB and 
CW on AO-10.
Now to the quick question that hasn't been so quick. I could be wrong 
on this but I think I recall that the Phase 3D was assembled and 
being tested in Orlando Florida. I am going to be in Orlando FL in 
March for 2 weeks. I am wondering if it is possible to see the 
satellite while I am there (that is if it is still there) and who I 
would have to get ahold of via either email or phone to arrange such 
a visit or even if it is possible.

Tx for any assistance.

Bill McFadden