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Mode A Bird


Thinking about it some more, it would be a more useful bird if the orbit
was higher, more like RS-15. RS-15 would have been a great bird except
for the power limitations. If we could get a higher orbit then Mode A
bird would be more useful.

Additionally if we were to make this the beginners bird, then would it
be possible to make a telemetry only beacon on 2m in FM, and make the
format the same as UoSAT-2. There are a lot of UoSAT-2 decoders out
there, and failing that they are real easy to build for the newcomer.

Add that to a range of HF carrier beacons for experiments then it would
be a fun bird.

So in summary I would support (that means cash), the following bird.

Mode A and/or Mode K transponder
2m FM telemetry 1200 AFSK (UoSAT-2 compatible)
Some science experiments TBD
HF beacons 7, 14, 21, 28 MHz (or whatever bands allow space-Earth
RS-15 style orbit

kinda UO-9, up higher with a transponder.

A satellite for education and the amateurs get a transponder as well.

Cheers and good luck
Paul, VP9MU