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RE: Mode-A: wanted ?


I would probably use it occasionally, as I did with RS-10, however my
interests really are in the higher bands. There is an argument for a
bird that can be used by "most" HF oriented amateurs. However remember
that nowadays most new amateurs don't have SSB at 2m, so they'd have to
buy a 2m multimode rig just to try out. If you're going to do that then
why not go the full way to P3D enabled and work the world for hours, not
your locale for 15 minutes.

>From Bermuda we can work both North America and Europe with windows
lasting about 5 minutes, the rest of the time your working the Atlantic.
This translates into LEO Mode A is good for demos but not for pleasure

If AMSAT-UKs project does run, then I suggest that HF beacons be added
in a similar way to OSCAR-9. That would give the scientific community
and propagation monitors something as well.

Paul, VP9MU

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> Subject:	Mode-A: wanted ?
> Greetings
> From time to time there appear messages, papers, pleas etc saying
> that:
> 1) there is a need for Mode-A satellites for new satellite operators
> to
> train on, as well as for those amateurs who prefer analogue rather
> than
> digital operations; and
> 2) the present supply of Mode-A satellites is fast decreasing with the
> demise of RS-10/11, problems commanding RS-12/13, battery troubles
> with
> RS-15, and the non-availability of RS-16. No Mode-A spacecraft has
> been
> produced by a Western group for the past 20 years (Oscar-8 in 1978).
> so ...
> Amsat-UK are giving some consideration to this state of affairs but,
> before we go further, we need to determine whether a new Mode-A
> package
> would a) be wanted; b) be used; and c) supported.
> In other words do you, the satellite operators, want it to happen ? is
> it 
> worth someone's time and effort to design, produce, and launch ?
> How many people would use a new Mode-A spacecraft ? it would be
> pointless
> to spend several hundred thousand dollars if it only attracted a few
> hundred users (so the cost is 1000 dollars per user). Would YOU use it
> ?
> This several hundred thousand dollars doesn't just appear magically;
> the
> money has to be raised from you, the satellite operators. Would you
> give
> your own money to a group who promised to develop and launch a Mode-A
> transponder ?
> Please send your reply to these questions to me; they must arrive by
> 28 February 1998. Reply to:
> Packet:    G3RWL @ GB7HSN
> E-Mail:    g3rwl@amsat.org
> Satellite: Oscars 16/19/22/23/25
> 73 de Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
> Communications Officer, Amsat-UK