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Re: Mast mtg of preamp question

Allen Fugelseth WB6RWU wrote:
> I haven't mast mounted my preamps before and I was thinking about doing 
> it this time.  What is the  practice? I was thinking about a short piece 
> of coax to the preamp from the antenna located a couple feed away from 
> the  antenna feedpoint.   Are they ever connected directly to the 
> antenna at the feedpoint?  I was also thinking of mounting a plastic box 
> under the antennas and putting the preamps in there to keep them out of 
> the weather. 

If you want mast-head then fit them wherever practicable; mine are in a
box bolted to the top of the mast.

In my case (10-12m of cable) it is less necessary because theres not too
much feeder loss so next time I take the mast down I'll be removing them
and putting them in the shack. Why ? because I suffer *greatly* from the
cross-modulation they generate from local mobile/cellphone/pager/etc; my
QTH is an RFI hotspot. I have a good filter in the shack but it was *not*
mast-mountable (i.e. before the pre-amps). Worth thinking about if theres
a lot of RF sources locally.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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