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RE: Mast mtg of preamp question

On 03-Feb-98 allen wrote:
>       I haven't mast mounted my preamps before and I was thinking about
> it this time.  What is the  practice? I was thinking about a short piece
> of coax to the preamp from the antenna located a couple feed away from
> the  antenna feedpoint.   Are they ever connected directly to the antenna
> at the feedpoint? 

   While a few feet of coax at most any reasonable frequency won't
generally hurt too much, if you can mount the pre-amp directly at the
antenna feed, there's no reason not to do it.  Of course, this pre-supposes
that you don't need a it of coax for strain relief, etc.

 I was also thinking of mounting a plastic box under
> the antennas and putting the preamps in there to keep them out of the
> weather. 

   You CERTAINLY want some sort of weather-proof housing, if the preamp is
not already enlosed.  Preferably something silver-colored. for minimum
heating in the sun, and with a drip hole or two, perhaps.

- Rich

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