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Re: FO-20 sensitivity

Hi everyone,
I have to comment on the use of simple antennas etc for FO-20.  I am able to
get a pretty decent uplink signal using 25W to a 1/4 wave mag mount on the
balcony railing. It is blocked to the west by the building, but works very
well on eastern passes.  Don't get me wrong, I would love a nice set of long
boom yagis with polarity switching, it's just that the landlady doesn't
appreciate these things. 

For comparison, I just tried a FO-29 pass with an indoor 4 element yagi on the
uplink and never heard my signal.  Metal mesh supporting the stucco probably
blocked the RF which may not be a problem for those in wood frame houses.

So if anyone's been waiting to try the Fuji birds due to lack of good
antennas, try what you have available.  You may be surprised!

John Oppen

Previous messages wrote:
 >Also FO-20 is a little deaf and FO-29 is usually JD.
 I have recently started using FO-20 and find that it is quite sensitive
 BUT you must have CP polarity switching.  >>