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re: WXSAT with SoundBlaster...

"Peter Guelzow" <pg@tasma.aball.de> said:

>several OM's here were looking for a program to decode
>HF Fax and WXSAT Image transmission with a Soundblaster
>An extremely good program (FREEWARE!) can be found on
>at following URL:

I'm too modest to mention that the February issue of "Satellite Times"
includes an excellent article on inexpensive weather satellite APT
reception by myself, ....

but not too modest to include the portion of the article which was
accidentally left out in the page layout, most importantly including web
pages and other resources.  Note that the NOAA book is *FREE* for anybody
who requests a copy.

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Other Resources

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) sells the "Weather Satellite
Handbook" for $20 describing how to receive signals from all of the
different types of civilian weather satellites.   An optional diskette is
available for $10.  While the book is in its fifth edition it shows its
age.  The early chapters have good reference information on weather
satellites, how they work, the types of hardware required, directions for a
homebrew turnstile antenna, and radio requirements.  But ignore the
chapters on building a hardware interface or manually plotting a
satellite's orbit.  While still technically feasible they're rather
impractical and can easily be replaced with a $30 Soundblaster card and
freeware satellite tracking program.

The "User's Guide for Building and Operating Environmental Satellite
Receiving Stations" is published by NOAA.  It's an excellent reference
source with many useful hints and techniques.  Like the ARRL book it
includes information on manual satellite tracking, but at least it
acknowledges the widespread availability of satellite tracking programs.

The WX SAT E-mail list consists primarily of amateurs exchanging
information on weather satellites, tips, and advice.  It also includes
operational bulletins.  To subscribe to WX SAT send E-Mail to
"wxsat-request@ssg.com" with blank subject line and "subscribe your name"
as the message (where "your name" is your actual name).

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Internet WorldwideWeb resources of interest -

Laura Halliday VE7LDH's weather page - interesting information about one
person's approach to inexpensive weather satellite imagery

Chuck Vaughn AA6G's page - excellent images

an excellent set of links to assorted weather satellite pages

an excellent set of links to assorted weather satellite pages

tutorial on building a portable APT station including building a portable
turnstile antenna

An excellent reference for scanner modifications to increase the bandwidth

A schematic for a 137 Mhz. filter


WXSAT (windows)

RadFax (Macintosh)

Latest two line elements for weather satellites

A link to a site for decoding HRPT images directly -

meteosat wefax

gms wefax

Sources mentioned:

"Weather Satellite Handbook"
American Radio Relay League
225 Main St.
Newington, CT    06111

User's Guide for Building and Operating Environmental Satellite Receiving
July 1997 edition
published by NOAA
call: Wayne Winston  301-457-5681

Philip Chien, KC4YER
Earth News
world (in)famous writer, science fiction fan, ham radio operator,
all-around nice guy, etc.