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Re: FO-20 sensitivity

I might add that if you don't have circlarity switching you are better off
to use a linear horiz. or vert. antenna.  
        When FO20 is coming from the north here in the states in the morning
passes it is changing attitude and  switches back and forth a couple of
times before settling down.  FO29 switches quite fast and randomly.
Chuck -----W9ODI
At 10:11 PM 01/31/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>>Stephan Greene (I think) wrote:
>>Also FO-20 is a little deaf and FO-29 is usually JD.
>I have recently started using FO-20 and find that it is quite sensitive
>BUT you must have CP polarity switching. The 'normal' downlink is left hand
>and the normal uplink is right hand. When your or other signals seem weak
>just switch the polarization of the downlink (and for your own signal maybe
>the uplink) and the change can be dramatic.
>Chuck w9odi is one of the most experienced fo-20 operators in the USA.
>Perhaps he can add a little more.
>73, ron w8gus