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(Fwd) 2.4 G omni antenna question

Good Morning All,
   This is not directly a satelitte question but with the knowlege 
base here it seems like my best source. 
    I have a friend who is putting together a atv robot using the 
2.4 gig Wavecomm Jr. He is in a quantry as to what he can use for an 
antenna. If he uses the original antenna he will need to add a way to 
turn the antenna to point at the receiver. That leaves building an 
omni directional 2.4 gig antenna.  Neither of use has anything in the 
way of a swr bridge for 2.4 gig. nor any experience working in that 
frequency range. 
   Only ideas I have were a multiple wave lenght verticle. Say 3.5 
wavelenght whip or maybe a discone antenna. 
   The only discone information I can find at home is for an HF 
discone. In the microwave bands it should be good over a very 
large frequency range making it self matching but ....
    The large whip may work and since the Wavecomm is only running 
around 1/2 watt it may not need much other that a couple of feet of 
whip and call it good. 
     Anyone out there have any ideas?  Since this in not strickly 
satellite related please send responses by e-mail. Thanks, Mike