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JTC hoax continues to be sent!

Dear Amsat-bb:

     This is a followup to a widely discussed topic next to Art Bell's
MIR comments:

     Be advised that the widely discussed Join the Crew and AOL Virus
message is unfortunately still being sent to many people throughout the
US and Canada.  I have received the message from a friend in October 1997
and sent a major rebuttal, but almost nothing like today.  My neighbor
received the JTC message which was fowarded originally from Canada and
wherelse before it.  The chain of mailings and fowardings  was about 25

   I hope that this e-mail hoax that is going around the North American
e-mail system would die off.  I figure that if we can send a message
rebuttal chain lettter explaining once and for all that there are no
e-mail viruses that this problem will be curtailed in somewhat the

Keith Thews

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