Rules for Using the AMSAT OSCAR QSL Bureau

  1. The AMSAT QSL Bureau serves the users of all amateur radio satellites with a complete QSL Bureau for all amateur radio satellite contacts (QSLs other than satellite QSOs will be returned).
  2. Stations wanting to use the Bureau need only to send three to six #10 S.A.S.E.s (one unit of postage) with your call in the upper left hand corner. DX stations should include enough IRCs for each envelope on file!
  3. To send your cards through the Bureau, arrange the cards alphabetically by call sign. Stateside cards are free. However, there is a charge of 15 cents per card for all stations outside the U.S. Postal districts.
  4. Always keep the Bureau informed of any changes in your address or call sign. If you have worked stations with more than one call sign, you should send envelopes for all call signs.
  5. Mailing from the Bureau will be at the end of each month. All envelopes with any cards will be mailed at this time. The only exception is if the amateur would like to have their envelope held for a certain number of cards before being mailed. This can be done by writing just below your call sign (in the upper left-hand corner) the number of cards desired in the envelope before it is mailed.
  6. QSL cards that are received at the Bureau when there are no envelopes on file will be held and the Bureau will make an effort to notify the user that he/she has cards on file. If no envelopes are sent to the Bureau within a period of 6 months, the cards will be destroyed.
  7. Mailing for DX stations and individual international QSL Bureaus will go out at the end of the month.
  8. OSCAR users should also keep envelopes on file at their ARRL QSL bureau: most DX cards come to them.
  9. Questions about the AMSAT OSCAR QSL Bureau should be sent with an S.A.S.E. to the address below:
    AMSAT QSL Bureau
    3702 Allison Street
    Brentwood, MD  20722
Walt Rader, WA3DMF, QSL Manager

Updated 6 Feb 2003. Text for this page was provided by Walt Rader, WA3DMF.