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Archived News Releases

99-02: Phase 3-D to be Launched Aboard an Ariane 5

Announcement of a launch agreement for the Phase 3-D spacecraft.
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99-01: Phase 3-D Launch Status Update

Announcement that AMSAT-DL is in the final phase of working out the details of a launch agreement for the Phase 3-D spacecraft.
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98-02: Phase 3-D Launch Date Unknown

Announcement that the Phase 3-D spacecraft will not be launched on the third test flight of the Ariane 5 launcher.
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98-01: Phase 3-D Final Integration Continues

A status report on the final integration of the Phase 3-D spacecraft.
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97-05: Ariane 502 Launch Successful

Announces that the launch of the Ariane 502 test flight was a success, even though the Phase 3-D spacecraft was not on board.
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97-03: Phase 3-D Launch Update

Announces that a recent ESA specification change may mean that the Phase 3-D spacecraft may not be ready to launch on Ariane 502.
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97-02: Phase 3-D Launch Delayed Until September, 1997

Announces a further delay in the scheduled launch date for the Phase 3-D spacecraft.
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97-01: Phase 3-D Integration Enters Home Stretch

Describes recent progress in assembling and testing the Phase 3D spacecraft.
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96-07: Phase 3-D Launch Now Set for July 1997

Announces a new planned launch date for the Phase 3-D spacecraft.
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96-06: Phase 3-D Slated for Launch in April 1997 on Ariane 502

Announces the tentative launch date for the Phase 3-D spacecraft.
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96-05: Phase 3-D Will Launch on Ariane 502

Announces that the Phase 3-D spacecraft is manifested to launch on the second flight of the Ariane 5 launcher.
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96-04: Ariane 501 Inquiry Board Reports

Gives the results of the inquiry into the launch failure of Ariane 501.
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96-03: Ariane 501 Flight Fails

Announces the launch failure of Ariane 501.
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96-02: AMSAT to be Featured on Discovery Channel

Announces that an upcoming episode of the Discovery Channel program "Eyes in the Sky" will feature amateur satellites, including the Phase 3-D project.
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96-01: Phase 3-D Shock Testing Successfully Accomplished

Announces the successful completion of a critical qualification test for the Phase 3-D spacecraft.
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