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About the AMSAT Volunteer Reporting System

AMSAT has instituted a practice of including "In-Kind" services provided by volunteers who donate their talents to projects that are in keeping with our Mission Statement.

This documentation of the time you donate will serve to better illustrate the true value of the AMSAT projects we all work so hard on. It will provide the outside world with a better view of the scope of our efforts.

Your submissions will be kept confidential. The aggregate value, within each category, will be moved to our financial statements, listed under the appropriate category as "In-Kind Services".

Below is an outline of the program and how you can participate. Please review it carefully.

AMSAT In-Kind Volunteer time donation system

In keeping with the AMSAT mission statement, we are seeking documentation of In-Kind hours for only the following categories:

  • Spacecraft:
    • Satellite Development / Operations
    • Satellite Design
    • Satellite Construction
    • Satellite Ground Control Operations including Gathering of spacecraft telemetry for the archive system Software development
  • Educational Outreach:
    • ARISS Design & Construction
    • ARISS Ground operations (School Contacts)
    • Journal Editing
    • Journal Writing
    • ANS Editing
    • ANS Writing
    • AMSAT Publications (Example: "ECHO Operation, Development & specifications")
    • Web Site production and maintenance
    • University Lecturing or mentoring University Satellite meetings (Micro & Cube etc)

To Sign Up

Send an e-mail to Include the USER NAME you wish to use when reporting hours to the AMSAT database. (CASE SENSITIVE) We will confirm receipt of your request and then you will be ready to participate.

Once your account has been established:

To report volunteer hours go to the Volunteer Reporting System (VRS) login page . At the mid-left side of the Home page, click on the category "Becoming a Volunteer", then select: #3 "Record your Time using VRS". Enter your USER NAME & PASSWORD.

You will be asked to complete a form including the following items:

  • Your Name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Call sign
  • The name of the qualified project you participated in
  • Your responsibility within that project
  • The start and end date of this report
  • A brief description of your work
  • The hourly rate you feel is reasonable for this work
  • The dates that this report covers
  • Total hours you spent in this AMSAT endeavor for this reporting period
  • Comments:

If you have worked on a number of different projects, please complete this form separately for each. You may file as often as you like: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at the conclusion of a short term project. A confirming e-mail will be sent to you.

Estimating Rates

If you have supplied volunteer hours for any of these items, we need to know about them.

We need an hourly rate to assign to the hours you log. We ask you to determine your attributable hourly rate based on your judgment of what the value is, based on the specific work you did for AMSAT. AMSAT will create an internal Value list which we will compare against your number to be sure we are not grossly over or under stating these values.

When you select a rate, please be conservative, but absolutely realistic.

As an example: An Engineering PhD may figure he was doing entry level work on one project. We wouldn't want to use $250 an hour for a project that an engineer, fresh out of college, may be able to complete at a rate of $30.00 per hour. Please be as realistic as possible..

Additional Information

Any general questions about this project should be addressed to:

This information is vital to the continuing growth of your AMSAT. In-kind donations are not necessarily tax deductible by the volunteer. Please consult your tax advisor if you have any questions.

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