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VUSat-OSCAR 52 (VO-52 HAMSAT) is a microsatellite for providing satellite based Amateur Radio Services to the national as well as the international community of Amateur Radio Operator ( HAM's) . Launched as an auxiliary payload on PSLV-6 by The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) along with CARTOSAT-1 , the 42.5 kg VO-52 will meet the long felt need of the Amateur Radio Operators in the South Asian region who possess the required equipment and operate in the UHF / VHF band based satellite radio communication. One of the transponders of VO-52 has been developed indigenously involving Indian HAM's with the expertise of ISRO and the experience of AMSAT-India. The second transponder has been developed by Dutch Radio Amateur Operator and Graduate Engineering student William Leijenaar PE1RAH from the Higher Technical Institute, Venio, Netherlands.

VO-52 is India's contribution to the international community of Amateur Radio Operators. This effort is also meant to bring ISRO's satellite services within the reach of the common man and popularize space technology among the masses.

This satellite will play a valuable role in the national and international scenario by providing a low cost readily accessible and reliable means of communications during emergencies and calamities like floods , earthquakes etc. It will stimulate technical interest and awareness among the younger generation by providing then with an opportunity to develop their technological projects including offering a platform. Some of the new technologies being tested in VO-52 include Integrated Processor based Electronic Bus Management Unit, Lithium Ion Battery and Gallium Arsenide based Solar Panels.

Satellite Features:

  • Physical: 630 mm X 630 mm X 550 mm Cuboid
  • Mass: 42.5 kg
  • Orbit: Near Circular Polar Low Earth Orbit
  • Structure: Aluminium Honeycomb Structure
  • Power: Body mounted Gallium Arsenide Solar Panels, Lithium Ion Battery
  • Stabilisation: Spin Stabilized (4 +/- 0.5 RPM)
  • Antennas: UHF Turnstile VHF Turnstile
  • Transponder Uplink: 435.250 MHz
  • Transponder Downlink: 145.900 MHz
  • Beacons - 145.936 MHz (Unmodulated Carrier) OR 145.860 MHz CW Telemetry
  • Transponder Bandwidth: 60 kHz
  • Transmitter Output: 1 watt
  • Modes of Communication: CW, SSB

For additional information on VUSat-OSCAR 52 please visit the AMSAT India Website

Thanks to William Leijenaar PE1RAH and Bill Greene VE7WFG
for help in producing this article

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