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Statement of Fair Usage Regarding AMSAT.ORG Materials

You should assume that all materials available through The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) website are protected by copyright, whether or not they contain a copyright notice, unless an express written statement accompanies such materials indicating that they are in the public domain or are released into open source. Individual articles contributed to AMSAT.ORG may also retain copyrights of their original authors, who should be contacted for permission before use.

These restrictions include the copyright to this compilation of data, which may not be reproduced in any way in any form without the express, advance, written permission of AMSAT.

What does this mean to you?

Product and Service Announcements

If you have an announcement about a product or service you would feel would be of interest to AMSAT members, web site visitors or mailing list subscribers, please contact AMSAT describing your product and we will evalute your request for consideration for a review or announcement. We also encourage you to consider advertising on AMSAT.ORG or in AMSAT publications.

Member to Member Announcements

If you are an AMSAT member and have an announcement of value to AMSAT members and website visitors, please contact AMSAT and let us know. Normally member-to-member announcements are made through the AMSAT-BB bulletin board system however in some cases it is more appropriate to announce these through the web site or the AMSAT Journal. If you feel your announcement deserves more coverage than AMSAT-BB will provide please contact us at least 90 days in advance of required publication date to allow adequate time for publication.

Using AMSAT.ORG for Research

AMSAT encourages it's members and visitors to the web site to engage in activities such as research that support the goals of AMSAT stated in our mission statement. If you are a legitimate researcher, satellite user and amateur radio operator who is involved in topics discussed on AMSAT.ORG and that support our mission, you may request and receive approval to reproduce and/or use information contained in this website. Please contact AMSAT if you have any questions.

Using AMSAT.ORG for Personal or Commercial Uses

If you visit the AMSAT website as a source of information to exploit for personal or commercial uses do not use this site for that purpose. This includes submitting form information from a domain other than AMSAT.ORG, or embedding information from the AMSAT.ORG website unless otherwise specifically stated. Information in this site is copyrighted and may not be used in any other form (electronic, printed, video taped, audio taped, etc.) without the expressed written permission of The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT). Please contact AMSAT for more information. Those found violating copyrights and trademarks will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Spidering, Webcrawling or Harvesting Information from AMSAT.ORG

If you are visiting the AMSAT website as a way of expanding your mailing list or to collect information about our members, do not use this site for that purpose. This site was created to help people interested in building, using and enjoying amateur radio satellites and space topics. The compilation of this data is protected by Internet copyright law and may not be downloaded or used or otherwise copied without advance, written, and express permission. You may request exceptions to this rule by contacting AMSAT, however it is advised you read our privacy policy prior to doing so. Exceptions to our privacy policy should not be expected.

Also, it is a violation of copyright law to use email addresses or other personal information found on this website for commercial or personal gain. Violators will be prosecuted. to the fullest extent of the law.

Free, non-commercial web indexing engines that do not build compliations in the process of indexing a site may be exempt from this section of the policy.

Sites that exploit various services provided on the AMSAT website including submitting information via forms and harvesting the results to display on other websites are strictly prohibited.

Privacy Concerns

In the AMSAT.ORG Privacy Statement we declare we will do our best to maintain privacy for them. Please refer to our Privacy Statement for additional information.

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