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AMSAT offers both Website (AMSAT.ORG) and Print (AMSAT Journal) advertising options, as well as customized packages that will incorporate both print and web display. Programs have been designed to offer advertisers access to a devoted membership with high loyality to our organization and who frequently visit the web site. They are interested in new and innovative products and have embraced satellite and amateur radio activities into their lifestyle.


Website (AMSAT.ORG) Advertising Options

AMSAT.ORG offers three distinct advertising options (technical specifications and sizes are provided below):

  1. Side Bar Ad: The side bar ads are located on left side of the Home Page. The differences between the standard and the side bar ads are size and location. These can be either HTML or graphical. AMSAT may limit side bar ads and these will have the highest rate and are considered "Above the Fold".

  2. Footer Ad Space: Footer ad space is available on the bottom of most pages. There is one fixed footer ad space at the bottom of the Home Page and there is space for one or more on other pages. Footer Ads may be HTML or graphical.

  3. Sponsorship Text Links: Individual pages may be sponsored by advertisers, and will carry a "Sponsored By" notice in 14pt type with a text link to the sponsor's web site.

Website Advertising Programs

AMSAT.ORG offers two types of advertising programs and can offer options to customize an advertising program to meet your needs and budget. All advertising programs are based on monthly campaigns, with a 3-month minimum commitment.

Fixed Real Estate (FRE)

With this program, your ad will be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the page(s) you choose. This is the best way to promote brand awareness and increase visibility since you "own" a specific location and are considered the page sponsor. With a Fixed Real Estate Program you can choose either of these three advertising options:

a) Side Bar Ad located in the left side of the home page
b) Footer Ad Space located in the bottom footer of the Home Page
c) Sponsorship Text Link location will be jointly decided to be appropriate with page content.

Please contact us using our contact form for pricing information!

Run of Site (ROS)

With this program, your ad will be displayed on numerous pages throughout the site on a rotating basis. There is one advertising option using this program:

a) Footer Ad located at the bottom of the page, except for the Home Page

Please contact us using our contact form for availability and pricing information!

Customized Campaigns

AMSAT.ORG will work directly with your marketing department to create a completely unique advertising campaign combining ROS and FRE type advertising along with print advertising. We will work with you to help make your campaign a success.

Please contact us using our contact form for availability and pricing information!

Advertisement Specifications:

  1. Side Bar Ad: 240 (w) x 70 (h)
  2. Front Page Footer Ad Space: 300 (w) x 60 (h)
  3. Footer Ad Space: 300 (w: - 800 max) x 60 (h 120 max)
  4. Sponsorship Text Link: 60 space at 14pt maximum.
Maximum file size: 10K
HTML Ad (including HTML and maximum 1 image):
  1. All HTML must be in a separate TABLE structure
  2. Image format may be any GIF, JPEG, or PNG
  3. No more than 1 graphic image not exceeding 10k.
  4. Alt-Text tag line may not exceed 60 spaces.
Animation: Animation of 5 second duration only. Looping is not permitted.
Forms: No forms - HTML anchors
Image maps: None - HTML anchors only
Coding: Images - PNG, JPG or GIF only. Neither client side scripting nor applet code is permitted
Style Sheet (HTML) No style sheet changes are to be used, however style changes in HTML tags are permitted
  1. Links are HTML anchors only though style changes are permitted.
  2. Only one link per ad is permitted
  3. Links must be launched in a child window
Closing date: 10 business days prior to posting date
Other notes:
  1. HTML ads must be served by AMSAT.ORG; no remotely served ads.
  2. Any tables used within a text ad must be limited to our ad dimensions.
  3. Advertiser is expected to capture the referrer off HTML headers - referring information will not be provided on the URL.
  4. AMSAT.ORG must receive all source code for quality control
  5. HTML ads will require a minimum 10-day lead time.

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Submitting Your ad/Text Link:

Please contact us for instructions: contact us
If you have further questions about our specs please email: Use our contact form and specify "specs" in the subject field of your email.
Please include the following information:
  1. URL link.
  2. Alt-Text tag line.
  3. Live dates.
  4. For changes to existing orders please include description of all changes (Keywords, Net Directory Pages etc..)
  5. Your company name (if applicable), contact information (email, phone, fax), name of product, insertion order number etc.
Closing date: Materials must be received by noon in order to be posted 10 business days after materials are received; for example, materials received by 12pm on Monday will be posted by next Monday morning (we do try to post ads in less than 10 days) If you have a rush job, we will try our best to accomodate your needs.
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Advertising in AMSAT Publications


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