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AMSAT provides information and services to help you make the best of using amateur satellites. The links below will give you information for those who are new to using satellites, builders, a glossary of terms, volunteers, our QSL bureau and provides access to AMSAT Area Coordinators and nets in your local area.
Introduction Information and Frequently Asked Questions
AMSAT HF and Regional Nets
A Glossary of Satellite Terms
Find an Area Coordinator in your local area
Volunteer to Help AMSAT Move Forward!
Using the AMSAT QSL Bureau
Use the Navigator to find Articles and Browse the Archives

Additionally you can find digest information in the online Mailing Lists (Bulletin Boards) for the following groups:

AMSAT-BB - the primary mailing list for AMSAT members and guests

SAREX - aspects of manned amateur radio activities in space, including SAREX and ARISS

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