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The Field Operations organization within AMSAT is the organization that is largely referred to as the Area Coordinators. While this is mostly true, the Field Operations organization does much more. This area of the AMSAT website is restricted to those who are members of the Field Operations organization and who have login accounts.

The responsibilities of Field Operations members include but are not limited to:

  • Mentoring and assisting new satellite operators
  • Representing AMSAT at trade shows and conferences
  • Giving presentations at local clubs and hamfests
  • Helping schools and other educational institutions with ARISS and other satellite activities
  • Assisting satellite builders in their efforts

If you are interested in these types of activities and would like to become a member of the Field Operations organization, please take the following steps:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Survey to apply. AMSAT match your skills to current needs within the AMSAT organization. Be sure to indicate that you wish to volunteer for Field Operations and will serve as an Area Coordinator for your area.
  2. When your application is reviewed and accepted, you will be notified that you have received an account to the Field Operations Support System (FOSS). In that email, you will receive a login ID and a temporary password.
  3. Login in to FOSS using that temporary password. Please change your password the first time you log in.

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