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AO-51 Telemetry Software - TlmEcho

Mike Kingery, KE4AZN has written a telemetry decoder, TlmEcho, that will allow the user to view and capture telemetry that is downlinked by Echo in real time. Echo's telemetry is sent in the broadcast stream via the Satellite's digital downlink (PacSat protocol). TlmEcho also stores received data for offline viewing and submission to Echo's Telemetry Archive. TlmEcho runs on Windows only and requires that you also download and install both the Coefficients File (echocoef.csv) and the TlmEcho User Files.

Download TlmEcho v1.05 (4 August 2004 - 47.9KB )
This is the executable file only, and an update to TLM Echo 1.04. Requires Visual Basic runtime file. Also requires certain VB support files to be present and registered on PC. If this file does not function properly, please use the next download option and load the entire program from the installation package, then install this update.

Download TlmEcho v1.04 (11 July 2004 - 1.44MB)
This is a complete windows installation package. Will load all required support files including VB runtime.

Download TlmEcho User File (20 June 2004 - 500 bytes)
Support file needed to run TlmEcho, include in the installation directory for TlmEcho.

Download the latest Coefficients file (16 July 2004 - 5.8 KB)

Decoding Echo TLM requires you have at least a 9600 baud TNC. Emily Clarke W0EEC has compiled a list of TNCs with operating notes based on information provided by AMSAT members. 

Program Notes: The program is designed to run on screen resolutions of 1024x768 or greater, but will run on an 800x600 screen with minor limitations.

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