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fahnen/9.jpg Echo Integration
Launch Pad Return

AMSAT-NA Echo Satellite Integration

December 2003 at SpaceQuest in Fairfax, VA

Integration testing lead by Jim White (WD0E) and Mike Kingery (KE4AZN), who provided these photos and commentary. Mike may be contacted by email with his callsign@amsat.org

The Integration Team would like to give their thanks to the following for their support during Integration:

  • Great support from the SpaceQuest team.
  • Harold Price, NK6K, for his donation of the kernal and file system and his support during this effort.
  • Bob Diersing, N5AHD, for his timely work on the boot loader.
  • Skip Hansen, WB6YMH, for his efforts on the ground station software.
  • The AMSAT project management team for their help and assistance, especially Rick, W2GPS and Dick, W4PUJ.
  • David Bern, W2LNX, for his assistance with the ground station hardware.

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AUDIO: MP3 Files of Echo during Integration Testing.

Echo FM Mode U/V (mp3) ---------- Echo FM Mode L/S (mp3)

Echo Spread out for Testing

This is our first view of Echo upon arrival for integration testing. The Satellite is laid out on the worktable and connected to the power source. Ready for testing.

Echo UHF Transmitters

This is the bottom module. It contains the SQRX receiver and the two UHF transmitters. Dummy loads are attached on the bottom where the 4 UHF antenna whips will be mounted.

Echo Receiver Module

This is the Echo VHF receiver module. It contains the 4 VHF receivers, the power divider module, and the VHF preamp. Space remains for the Digital Voice Recorder.

Echo Flight Computer

This is the Echo Flight Computer which will control the Satellite.

Echo BCR Module

This is the Echo Battery Charge Regulator (BCR) module that will power the satellite and keep the batteries charged. All 6 solar panels are connected to this module. The BCR will control the charge to the batteries. It will protect the batteries from both overcharge and discharge.

Echo Battery Tray

This is the Echo Battery Tray. The batteries are not the flight batteries, but ones used for testing.

Echo S TX Prototype Module

S band Transmitter. This is the prototype unit.

S TX Connected to Echo

S band transmitter after it was connected to the Satellite. The author's W6OAL helix feed is used as the antenna.

Echo Flight Computer connected to Data Recorder

This is the Echo Flight Computer while it was connected to Jim White's Logic Analyzer. The PC based Logic Analyzer did a great job collecting timing and digital data during integration testing.

RF Setup for Echo Testing

The author's equipment setup for RF testing with Echo. Great signals from across the room. :-)

Echo Transmitting FM on UHF TX #2

This is the #2 UHF transmitter sending an FM carrier signal.

Echo Transmitting on both UHF transmitters

This is Echo with both of the UHF transmitters turned on.

Mike Kingerly, KE4AZN with a Raw Satellite Stack

This is the mechanical structure of a microsat. Echo is built with this technique.

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